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Have an awesome Atlassian app but less-than-stellar marketing? We’ll help you increase your app sales in the Atlassian Marketplace, and beyond.

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Looking to grow your app sales? You've come to the right place. Over the years, we've helped Atlassian Solution Partners and Top Vendors all over the world reinvent their brands, build successful lead-generation programs, and increase app sales through high-impact marketing campaigns.

As an agile agency, we use Atlassian tools every day. We speak JQL, play SAFe, and believe in TEAM. We’re huge fans of Atlassian, and love helping the ecosystem grow.

  • Ignite brand recognition

    Ignite brand recognition

  • Launch new products

    Launch new products

  • Rise above competitors

    Rise above competitors

  • Grow app sales

    Grow app sales

How We
Can Help

  • Marketplace Listings

    Create a Winning
    Marketplace Listing

    Showcase your product through carefully optimized messaging and assets. Data-driven insights will ensure that your page is always on the right track.

  • Website Design

    Turn Your Website
    into a Growth Engine

    Your website is your best business growth tool. Transform it with professional copywriting and design, insightful content, and proven digital strategies for increasing traffic and conversions.

  • Product Launches

    Launch New
    Products to Success

    Launching apps isn't as easy listing them on the Marketplace. We’ll strategize your app release campaign for maximum awareness and continuous demand.

  • Digital Marketing

    Fuel Demand Beyond
    the Marketplace

    Discover a new world of potential customers. We'll show you how successful Atlassian marketers use content marketing, paid search, and email marketing to grow evaluations and sales.

  • Marketing Automation

    Accelerate Sales with
    Marketing Automation

    Put your growth on autopilot. Marketing automation gives you the power to qualify prospects and nurture them until they’re ready to become customers.

  • Partner Marketing

    Harness the Power of the Ecosystem

    Leverage the Atlassian ecosystem to strengthen your business. We'll help you identify and manage exciting co-marketing programs for greater brand reach and app discoverability.

Expert Tips for
Atlassian Marketplace
Listing Optimization

Make your product stand out in the Atlassian Marketplace with our proven strategies and optimization tips. Get your free guide and actionable checklist here.

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When you work with Brighttail, you get a team of strategists, digital marketers, writers, designers, and developers dedicated to growing your business. Contact us today to learn how we help businesses like yours ignite Atlassian Marketplace sales.