Marketing for a B2B SaaS company is challenging in 2021. Companies have had to call off in-person events, drastically change marketing campaigns, and deal with smaller budgets. 

Therefore, many companies are turning to new avenues to market and deliver content, viewing the pandemic as the right time to accelerate digital transformation and adapt business models.

As all sectors have been affected in some way or other by the pandemic, B2B companies are also tapping into new forms of demand and developing innovative propositions for their clients. 

In a saturated digital environment, companies today need to go above and beyond to convince customers that their software is an essential solution to get through the challenges caused by the pandemic. 

To take your company to the next level, stand out from the rest, and accelerate growth this year, you’ll need to leverage the most impactful marketing strategies today. Older, mass advertising techniques that B2B companies used to rely on are no longer effective in today’s evolved market. 

Get inspired by these eight successful marketing strategies and learn from the experts. 

1. Create Compelling Content

Creating interactive content, e-books, whitepapers, blog posts, case studies, podcasts, and other forms of compelling content is a proven strategy to establish thought leadership, reach your key audience, and generate leads.

From a marketing standpoint, thought leadership accelerates marketing influence and strengthens the brand, offering expertise into solving problems that others are facing. The content shouldn’t directly pitch a product but should be educational, relatable, or entertaining in a way that reaches your target audience and provides them with unique knowledge. 

For example, MailChimp Presents features a variety of content in the form of podcasts, video shorts, and an entire web series that teaches “unlikely business lessons,” helping its users become better in marketing.

2. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Building your social media network, engaging with your followers, and knowing your audience are also great ways to foster thought leadership. 

Many B2B marketers have found success in fostering thought leadership through social media channels like LinkedIn, Quora, and other places where key decision-makers are asking questions.

For example, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has established himself as a thought leader on Quora by offering practical, in-depth answers.

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3. Engage with the Community

Community engagement is a great way to reach a niche audience and educate them on how your product helps them find solutions to their problems. With social distancing and travel restrictions currently in place, you can leverage the virtual space to engage with your community – such as hosting or participating in virtual events. 

For example,  Atlassian Community Events facilitates an vibrant online community as well as locally hosted events for you to check out in your area. You can also find networking opportunities and explore interesting topics through presentations by other Atlassian users and experts. Other helpful resources include hosting a forum or creating a Facebook or LinkedIn group to further connect and grow your community. 

4. Display Testimonials and Partnerships

Showcasing your customer testimonials is an easy and effective way to demonstrate your credibility. Develop an outstanding reputation by making your customer testimonials and case studies easily visible on your website.

If you partner with other companies and/or offer integrations, make these clearly visible as well. Showing your association with recognized brands increases trust.

Zapier – a company that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use – not only highlights key customer stories on their website but also prominently features all the different software platforms you can connect through their service as well. This establishes them as a trusted software provider. 

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5. Introduce a Referral Program

A top marketing strategy used by many SaaS companies, referral programs will help you increase user sign-ups by offering benefits to the community. Referral programs offer a targeted approach to reach those who will really benefit from your products and services. 

Dropbox’s story of utilizing referral programs is so successful and inspiring that it has been replicated by several other companies, including PayPal. The premise was simple – offer rewards for users, such as additional free space, when they refer their friends to Dropbox, who also get free space when they accept these invitations. 

This two-sided referral system completed the desired goal for Dropbox to increase new registrations. With this method, Dropbox doubled its user base every three months.

6. Provide Different Pricing Plans

Since a major challenge for SaaS companies in 2021 is standing out from the competition, it can be very effective for your business to show how you offer more value to customers.

When it comes to pricing plans for subscriptions, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Look into offering your customers different pricing plans for their budget and needs, and make the plans clearly visible on your website.This shows you understand your customer needs and that you offer flexible and tailored solutions for their specific budget. 

Hubspot offers a number of different pricing models for its customers, from Starter to Enterprise. The transparent pricing tiers show exactly what buyers will get with each package so that they can make informed decisions when choosing their plan.

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7. Offer Free Trials and Demos

Free trials are also a great way to let your customers experience your software before buying.

You can follow up with marketing automation and sales to increase customer conversion rates. Plus, you can  use feedback from your customers to continuously improve your product and plan offerings.

If you’re not offering a complete free trial, you can also consider offering a demo version where customers can still experience the features of your products, like what Hootsuite does.

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8. Get Creative with Video Marketing

Last but definitely not least, video marketing should not be overlooked by any SaaS company looking for fresh marketing strategies in 2021. The key is to find new ways to use video marketing to reach your customer base.

Use video to establish thought leadership by creating engaging videos like the MailChimp example above. Or, you can learn from project management solution They display a short, looping video on their homepage that offers an inside look into project board functionality.

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These top eight strategies have been successfully implemented by other SaaS companies. Overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic and push forward with these innovative ideas that show you understand your customer’s problems and are committed to helping them solve them.

At Brighttail, we use our expertise to provide our SaaS clients with top marketing strategies like these that generate leads and conversions. Get in touch with us and find out how a new marketing strategy can help your business grow in 2021.