For many growth-stage B2B companies, gaining brand awareness is the hardest yet most important step in their marketing funnel. 

With brand awareness come trust and continuous growth of customers. Social media marketing and display advertising are some common ways to achieve brand visibility and business growth. 

In #brighttailbuzz issue #4, we’re shining the spotlight on other exciting avenues that can help you boost your brand awareness.

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Make It to the Top of Google SERPs Through YouTube Transcripts

There’s no denying that Featured Snippet (AKA Position Zero) is the most coveted position for brands and marketers alike. 

But did you know that YouTube transcripts are now being steadily shown as featured snippets? 

Optimizing YouTube video transcripts can help push your videos and brand to the forefront. 

As YouTube’s parent company, it’s no surprise that Google pushes its video platform results on the first page. And it may only get more intensive in the near future

That said, if video marketing (with YouTube as one of the distribution channels) is part of your brand’s overall marketing strategy, this update could help you dominate the search results.  

Though YouTube’s auto closed captioning might be sufficient, you should still improve its accuracy and content comprehension by editing out any mistakes. 

And the next time you’re creating a YouTube video, make sure the video and its transcript adequately answer important queries related to your chosen topic. While you’re at it, don’t forget the targeted keywords too!  

In addition to improving search engine results and boosting brand visibility, an SEO-friendly transcript will also make your video content more comprehensive for accessibility purposes. 

A win-win situation for your brand and your customers. 

Add a Link in Your LinkedIn Stories for Greater Brand Reach

We all know LinkedIn’s position as the leading B2B social media platform to market content and capture leads. Now, you can go beyond static posts and create more interactive content for your followers.

Its latest Stories feature was given a major push with the added capability to embed URL links. Just like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn users can swipe up to read the linked content.  

LinkedIn is testing a new feature that enables users to add URL links to LinkedIn Stories. (source)

This feature can be a great channel to drive referral traffic, which will give you more insights into your audience’s behaviors and interests. Furthermore, you can reach new potential B2B customers who are more active on LinkedIn and improve brand awareness. 

We’re excited to see the actual impact of this new feature once it is officially released. Are you part of the LinkedIn Stories beta users? Share with us your experience with the feature in the comments!

Count on Facebook Hashtag Counts to Put Your Posts Out There 

Hashtags are quite synonymous with Twitter, not so much with Facebook. But that’s about to change as Facebook has started to push for hashtag usage on its platform.  

How? Through Hashtag Count Preview. 

When you start typing a hashtag, the platform will automatically suggest relevant ones for your consideration. Choose unique hashtags to ensure that your post isn’t overshadowed by others. 

Proper usage of hashtags can take the organic reach of your posts and company to the next level.

Adding unique yet relevant hashtags can expose your Facebook post and brand to a wider, like-minded community. (source)

Here are some quick tips on the best ways to use hashtags on Facebook: 

  1. The fewer the number of hashtags per post (one to two), the better the engagement.
  2. Place it at the end of your post to prevent it from distracting your followers from reading. 
  3. Or strategically incorporate it into your post copy for a more engaging message. 
  4. Use industry-specific hashtags or even better, create unique hashtags with important keywords that are campaign-specific. 
  5. Streamline the hashtags across your social media channels (AKA cross social platform branding) to create consistency.  

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Expanding your company’s brand awareness isn’t a one-time effort. It’s a long-term strategy that requires sound experimentation and continuous tweaking. 

Start by adding transcripts to your YouTube videos and hashtags to your Facebook posts and measure their effectiveness.