Do you enjoy browsing different social media networks? Maybe you’re seriously considering turning your interest in social media into a career. Or perhaps you just want to prove to your parents that spending hours on Facebook is worthwhile and you can actually make a living from it. 

Whatever your reasons may be, it’s important to understand the job scope of a social media manager, especially at a high-tech B2B marketing agency like Brighttail. 

With that, let’s dive into a day in the life of our Social Media Manager, Mariah Jamil.

Say hello to Mariah!

Fun facts: Mariah can move her ears and has 7 piercings.

As a Social Media Manager, I oversee social media strategies and social media calendars for our clients, ensuring they are sound and of premium quality. I also advise the social team on any improvements or optimizations that they can apply for our clients. 

While this is my overall job role, my typical workday varies depending on the type of sprint I’m in. If it is a campaign-heavy sprint where the social team is spearheading certain social campaigns, then I dedicate my time working on the campaign plan, communicating with Brighttail’s internal scrum team to ensure the campaign goes well, and occasionally optimizing the campaign.

However, on days that I’m not working on campaigns, I focus on creating social content calendars, replying to comments, and reaching out to other social media users who are of interest to our clients. I also work on monthly reports to keep track of our performance and look at ways we can improve our methods.

Since I joined Brighttail almost two years ago, I would say my experience here has been fulfilling. Brighttail has been an integral part of my career growth where I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow from my amazing mentors and team members. For instance, when I was curious to learn about social listening, Brighttail approved the budget for me to use and explore a social listening tool. 

I also love the fact that they go the extra mile to create a professional development plan (PDP) for me. If I wanted to lead a campaign in the next 10 months, then I would be offered a chance to do so. Other resources like demand-gen learning sessions and courses Brighttail offers through HubSpot are also great ways to help me advance my career. 

However, what really differentiates Brighttail from other B2B marketing agencies out there is the fact they trust me so much and give me free rein to explore different projects. I also appreciate that they allow me to be accountable for my own work and don’t micromanage.  

Besides career advancement, I appreciate the people at Brighttail. They’re lovely and are always willing to help and share their knowledge with me. Despite their busy week, they’re happy to patiently explain things to me. 

All in all, I must say that I’ve gained friends rather than colleagues at Brighttail!