Seizing the Thought
Leadership Advantage
in a Crowded System

The Back Story

Communardo is a leading Atlassian Solution Provider headquartered in Germany. In 2017, the company engaged Brighttail to develop a new English-language website and inbound marketing programs to support the company’s international growth plans.

Following the launch of the website, Communardo wanted a way to build brand awareness and establish thought leadership in the Atlassian ecosystem. The company needed a bold approach to stand out among hundreds of other solution partners and vendors—and it needed its marketing investment to provide immediate returns in the form of leads and new business opportunities.

The Solution

After speaking to prospective customers, we recognized that one of the biggest challenges users face is wrapping their heads around how large and diverse the Atlassian ecosystem is. There was obvious need for a company that could help them navigate the galaxy of possibilities.

Thus, was born “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Atlassian Guide.” This book brings together case studies from vendors across the Atlassian ecosystem, giving prospects a detailed look at how real-world businesses have extended innovation and collaboration in their organizations.

Social media posts, email, and blog posts, by both Communardo and its partners, all drove prospects to a dedicated landing page where they could register to download this valuable information asset. We then followed up with a robust nurturing campaign that encouraged prospects to sign up for a free trial of featured products.


The Results

This campaign is a prime example of the value of B2B thought leadership.

Today’s B2B buyers face increasingly difficult challenges. They worry about industry disruption, declining margins, lack of differentiation, and more. It’s no wonder that in customer surveys B2B buyers consistently list “being a trusted and valued advisor” as a top consideration when selecting a vendor.

That’s why brands that invest in delivering unique ideas and insights earn an unfair share of attention. They have ideas that are worth talking about, sharing, and pursuing. They have ideas that sell.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Atlassian App Galaxy was an immediate success. Communardo enjoyed qualitative benefits: deep customer partnerships and increased visibility within the Atlassian ecosystem. More importantly, the guide resulted in a 3x increase in event leads at the Atlassian Summit and extensive online engagement, thanks to effective co-marketing campaigns with featured vendors.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide was a huge success at the Atlassian Summit and, now, online. We’d recommend Brighttail to any company dealing with technical products or software. They’re able to quickly understand technical products, and develop marketing strategies and content that make an impact.
Franziska Patzig Product Marketing

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